Getting Medical Equipment:


Getting the medical equipment that you need for your hospice or just for yourself can seem impossible. Here are a few tips to get the medical equipment you need.

– Check a local health and wellness store to purchase some of their medical supplies

– Visit a pharmacy at a superstore like Target or Wal-Mart, they often have a large quantity of medical supplies.

– Or for your best bet visit a medical supplies website and order exactly what you need.

For the best medical supplies equipment online visit

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Building Your Home First Aid Kit


Life is extremely unpredictable, so make sure you’re prepared for anything. Home first aid kits come in handy whether the event is big or small. You can purchase a backpack filled with first aid items, but building your own is easier and can be tailored to your household. Cuts and scrapes hurt, but if you have a band aid with your child’s favorite cartoon character, they’ll forget it even happened. Most homemade first aid kits should have band aids, gauze, cloth bandages, and ibuprofen as the bare minimum, but you can add whatever you feel your household needs. This will prevent you from purchasing a kit that is filled with care items you’ll never need, and save you money.

You can purchase medical grade care items for your first aid kit at


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3 Reasons to Use a Transfer Bench


  1. Balance Stability: When balance issues arise due to vertigo, inner ear trouble, or other causes, even the simplest movements can feel unsettling. When your balance feels askew, a transfer bench can ensure safety around the house and shower.
  2. Resting Place: If you feel winded easily, try a transfer bench. Using one not only eases cardiac pressure, but also provides a resting place if you need a break mid-movement.
  3. Caregiver Support: When receiving the aid of a caregiver, certain tasks, even with skilled hands, can feel awkward. Using a transfer bench to aid movement in and out of bed, or the shower, can help ease caregiver maneuvering.

American Medical offers fair pricing for transfer benches and other medical supplies.


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